Know the Product

Your key to Business Growth

Our product Me-Grow aims to improve market research accessibility in a cost-effective manner. The world has been oblivious towards the power of research. It is difficult but a necessary step in moving towards growth for any business. Me-Grow provides all the businesses with the power to conduct research on their own be it from an organized or unorganized sector.

The power of technology has been revolutionizing every sphere of business. Our aim is to leverage AI and big data technologies to provide real-time consumer feedback to businesses for efficient strategizing.

Me-Grow is a product for businesses to understand their customers & competition better

What are Growth Templates?

For a hassle-free feedback collection experience, Me-Grow provides Growth Templates (GTs) – a set of pre-set feedback templates to all the subscribers. You as a subscriber can select any GT of your choice and make it live on the unique QR code of your business, which your consumers can scan and provide valuable feedback on. Apart from QR, you can also share these GTs directly to your customers’ mobile numbers. With the industry-specific GTs, you will get to capture feedback around various important variables (brand perception, usage & attitude, recall et al) for better customer understanding in your business category.

Gather customer feedback around brand perception, usage & attitude, recall etc. with growth templates

What are Real-time Insights?

To respond to the fast-paced business environment of today, you need to be agile & responsive in your business processes. With Me-Grow, you get the advantage of receiving quick insights in real-time which makes the whole process a lot more efficient and gives substantial data to help you build effective business strategies with minimum effort.

Get real-time insights for quick & efficient decision making

What is Quick Connect?

Sensory inputs are as important as verbal ones. You can conduct online FGDs/IDIs with customers & actively listen to every feedback. Unearth the deeper emotions & hidden insights through facial decoding and heat mapping. The multi-level access gives you the authority to control the flow of the discussion for quality research findings. Get raw insights for constructive strategy building.

Understand your customers' hidden emotions with quick connect

What is Data Analytics?

Data analytics has been in the market for a long time. Me-Grow works on advanced analytics techniques that apply AI and automation to provide far deeper insights, make smarter predictions and generate distinguished recommendations. Me-Grow uses 3D pie charts & other data visualization methods to help you gain meaningful insights easily.

Advanced analytics & data visualization to give deeper insights

What is AI Prediction Model?

Research has been a cumbersome process which requires a lot of manual effort. Technology is that weapon that has brought customers closer to businesses. Me-Grow has integrated cutting-edge AI technology that helps in precise analysis to give sales projection & business forecasting based on its recommendations & suggestions. The more feedback you receive, the more you can leverage this AI model for smarter predictions.


AI-based suggestions & recommendations for business strategy building

What is Community Building?

Has community building & management been a difficult task? Traditionally? Maybe. Now? It’s not. Community building is an effective way to engage with your customers and stay connected to them. The virtual world sometimes puts a lot of barriers to managing your brand community. Me-Grow provides a new-age community platform that lets you easily build, engage & manage your brand community online.


The data that you capture through Me-Grow will help your business by giving valuable insights into your customers’ behaviors, preferences, and purchasing patterns. You can leverage these data points to curate more effective and personalized business strategies. Achieve your business goals as well as get a better understanding of your customers through Me-Grow for continued growth and success.