Me-Grow aims to promote self-growth in business owners to help them achieve business growth
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What is Me-Grow?

Me-Grow is a B2B software-as-a-service (SaaS) product by Avidestal Technologies. Aimed at helping businesses grow of all sizes and sectors, unorganized to organized, niche to mass, Me-Grow provides the power to understand customers & competition better. It is a feature-loaded & easy-to-use product with cutting-edge AI technologies to help businesses make smarter predictions and act accordingly. The product aims to provide holistic growth and increase revenue for its subscribers in the long run.


Me-Grow Merchant

You need customers to love all that you do to keep them happy, and that’s where Me-Grow Merchant comes to your help. A product specifically designed to help independent businesses grow by understanding their customers better and acting on their inputs so your business becomes a customer-centric company. In addition, our vision to add AI to this product will immensely power businesses with data-based recommendations, forecasts, predictions, etc. All of these are aimed at increasing your customer base and hence revenue.

Growth Templates

Progressive pre-set feedback templates specific to every industry/requirement for better customer understanding

Advanced Analytics

Derive deep, meaningful insights from 3D pie charts & other data visualization methods


Conduct online FGDs/IDIs with customers & deep dive using Facial Coding & Eye-tracking

Community Building

Bring your customers together on one platform and engage them for higher patronage (soon-to-be-released)

Real-Time Insights

Real-time Insights from feedback gathered from your customers; filter the data to see what you want

AI-based Strategy Recommendations

Make key business decisions based on data collected from your customers (soon-to-be-released)

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Growth Templates

Get your customer-centric approach right

Customer understanding is one of the most crucial factors in the business journey. Is it easy? Probably not. Is it necessary? Definitely.

Imagine if you had the power of understanding your customers’ habits, usage, preferences, experiences et al. Because knowing your customer is now easier with our pre-set & customized Growth Templates. 



Pick & choose a Growth Template best suited to your business needs & industry or create one


Industry-specific Growth Templates for feedback pertaining to your business category 


Easily understand complex data insights that are the key to your business success


Know the likes & dislikes of customers to enhance their experience & build loyalty 


Get quick & unbiased feedback on factors that matter for your growth


Incentivize your customers for every valuable feedback 


Deconstructing Business Growth for
Guaranteed Success

Online Community

Build an online brand community & improve customer experience

Online FGDs/IDIs

Break the barrier between virtual & physical setup

Data-driven Strategy

Build a data-driven strategy for maximum growth

Customer Feedback

Understand your customers better & get direct feedback with industry-specific feedback templates

AI-based Solutions

Smart recommendations & intelligent forecasting backed by advanced data analysis


Get research consultation from industry experts to assist you in business growth

Scale your business

Why choose us for your Business Growth?

Making businesses self-reliant
& helping them to always stay
at the top of their game
with almost zero effort

Penetrating this untouched sector
to help them access & integrate
market research & business growth
solutions cost-effectively


Making businesses self-reliant & helping them to always stay at the top of their game with almost zero effort


Penetrating this untouched sector to help them access & integrate market research & business growth solutions cost-effectively


Providing centralized data points to gauge and analyze the impact both at a brand level as well as per store with custom offerings


Pricing Plans

We aim to make the power of research accessible to every business in a cost-effective way


₹ 0

Free Trial

  • Launch Unlimited Growth Templates
  • 100 feedbacks/30 days
  • 2 Quick Connect Calls – 20 mins each

₹ 200
₹100 (Setup Fee)

Monthly Growth Plan

  • Launch Unlimited Growth Templates
  • 20 feedbacks/month
  • -

₹ 1200
₹2500 (Save 52%)

Annual Growth Plan

  • Launch Unlimited Growth Templates
  • 240 feedbacks/year
  • 3 Quick Connect Calls – 20 mins each
Know the Difference

How are Me-Grow aided businesses different?

  • Self-sufficient & self-reliant in understanding their customers better with minimum effort & cost
  • Receive quick & unbiased feedback on the most crucial factors that matter for business growth
  • Have enough data & model to build a robust business foresight
  • Build SMART business strategies based on AI predictions and forecasts for business success
  • Deciphering hidden motives of customers that they might hide during discussions
  • Greater customer retention & loyalty through regular engagement
  • Consultation with research experts for aiding business growth & unearthing business bottlenecks
  • Better inventory planning during important festivals or events
  • Over-reliance on third parties for market research requirements & paying unnecessarily huge costs
  • Struggling to form a strong customer connection with their lack of knowledge & important feedback
  • Lack of technological foresight in the business environment & following an old-age traditional approach to business strategies
  • Unable to identify the true emotions of the customers and the actual meaning behind their feedback
  • Bad customer experience and hence poor loyalty & retention
  • Lack of business foresight which may lead to poor inventory management, supply chain issues etc. during important festivals and events
  • Inadequate and slow trajectory of business in terms of revenue & growth
  • Insufficient knowledge about their strengths & weaknesses leading to poor business decisions
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