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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Me-Grow?

Me-Grow is a SaaS-based product, integrated with AI technology and an advanced analytics model. Through Me-Grow you can understand your customers better through reviews, feedback, in-depth discussions, and focus groups. Get insights in real-time, have audio or video calls with your customers and get to know them better & enhance your growth.

How would Me-Grow help my business?

Me-Grow helps you connect with your customers directly and get unbiased feedback. With our pre-existing growth templates, you can get to know everything about your customers’ needs, habits, preferences etc. You will also get to discover your business’s strengths, weaknesses and opportunities that are present but hidden for you to tap into. Me-Grow will provide holistic growth to your business and help in increasing your revenue. The days ahead will have exciting features to help your businesses grow further.

How do I sign up?

The sign-up process is straightforward. Please visit grow.me-grow.com to sign up using either your email id or mobile number. You may also write to support@me-grow.com for field assistance to complete the sign-up process.

Do I need to set a password?

No, you can sign in each time with OTP. So, there is no need to set a password.

How do I start using Me-Grow?

Sign up on Me-grow using either your email id or mobile number. Choose any subscription plan to avail Me-Grow services and download the unique QR Code that is generated after successful payment. You will have to print it to display it in your shop temporarily. You will receive a QR display from us in 7-10 business days after your sign-up. You can launch Growth Templates on that QR and your customers can simply scan it and provide valuable feedback required for the growth of your business.

What are the options on the Dashboard?

You have 3 options on the Dashboard – Set up to launch Growth Templates, Strategy to view feedback results and Quick Connect to conduct online discussions.

Is my data safe with Me-Grow?

We have implemented organizational and technical safeguards to secure our users’ data in compliance with GDPR requirements. Our users’ data is pseudonymized when stored and further encrypted to ensure privacy & security. Under no circumstances do we sell or share clients/customers’ data with anyone outside the organization.

Does Me-Grow comply with International Privacy Policy Regulations?

We comply with GDPR & all other international privacy policy regulations. We do not give, sell, or otherwise transfer your personal information to third parties without your prior consent. Your data will remain entirely confidential. We only use data in aggregate format to create sector-level insights for the benefit of businesses.

What is the cost of subscribing to Me-Grow?

Currently, Me-Grow has two different subscription plans – a Monthly Growth Plan available at a discounted price of ₹400 for new users and an Annual Growth Plan for ₹3000. The new users can also avail a free subscription for 30 days. For detailed information regarding the discounts & features, please visit Me-Grow subscriptions. You can choose either of the plans based on your business requirements.

How does it work?

You can sign up to Me-grow using your email id or mobile number, fill in your business details and subscribe to Me-Grow by choosing either of the subscription plan. A unique QR code will be generated for your business which you can use to launch your business industry-specific growth templates (pre-set) that can help you get closer to your customers by receiving their feedback on various parameters like usage, habit, experience etc. to know exactly what they want. Get insights in real-time & make informed strategies. You can also talk to your customers individually or in groups to understand them better through individual or group calls.

How many Growth Templates can be launched at a time?

You can make only one Growth Template live on your QR code at a given point of time. As soon as you launch another Growth Template on your QR, the previously launched template will be automatically disabled. However, you can launch multiple Growth Templates through mobile at the same time.

How to use Set Up?

You can use the Set Up feature to launch any Growth Template (industry-specific pre-set feedback questionnaires) through QR code or mobile number to receive customer feedback over various parameters to understand their habits, usage, experience etc.

How to use Strategy?

The Strategy feature gives you insights in real-time using advanced analytics and various data visualization methods like pie charts and bar graphs for an easy understanding and analysis.

How to use Quick Connect?

Through Quick Connect, you can start an impromptu call or schedule the video calls for online discussions with your customers as per your requirement. Fill in the required details such as title, time, and members to invite members to the call. Assign specific member access of either Participant, Moderator or Client to schedule the call. You may even schedule the meeting for later.

Whom to contact for queries/issues?

You can contact us with your general queries or issues at support@me-grow.com. For any invoice or payment related issues, kindly write to invoice@me-grow.com.