Move towards success and grow your business. Learn the benefits of using Me-Grow
Growth Process

Escalating Businesses towards Self Growth

The idea behind Me-Grow is to encourage “Self-Growth” in business owners.

With Me-Grow, we aim to both improve accessibility as well as make it a cost-effective process. We plan to improve business processes and spur expansion for organizations of all sizes and footprints in various industries. This is our step towards making the business owners self-sufficient and smart to navigate their business journey easily.

Our goal is to leverage AI and big data technologies to provide real-time consumer feedback to businesses for efficient strategizing. The data we capture through Me-Grow will help your businesses by providing valuable insights into your customers’ behaviors, preferences, and purchasing patterns. You can leverage these data points to curate more effective and personalized marketing strategies.


With a large set of customers, it is difficult to indulge yourself with every customer personally and know about their preferences & habits. With Me-Grow, you can learn more about your customers on a deeper level and remove the stagnancy that has been rooted in your marketing strategy building over time. Other benefits:

  • Give quick service to your customers with real-time insights
  • Maintain consistency in your customer engagement activities
  • Provide a more personalized experience to your customers
  • Easily understand the needs of a large set of customers & manage appropriately
  • Dive deep into finer insights with our advanced analytics for effective strategy building
Me-grow helps organized businesses in better customer understanding
Unorganized sector can now conduct market research at less price for deep customer knowledge


The unorganized sector is one of the biggest business sectors in India with high opportunities of growth. The problem lies in the obliviousness & ignorance of the business owners towards the power of research & tech. See how you can get benefitted as Me-Grow provides you with things that you might have been missing out on which are stopping you from achieving the desired business growth:

  • Easily integrate the platform & get maximum customer understanding with minimum effort
  • Get access to unparalleled & cost-effective hi-tech market research services
  • Conduct online discussions for deeper insights which are of paramount importance
  • Make more personalized strategies that are essential for a prosperous business journey
  • Easily understand complex data insights that are the key to your business success


Availability of multiple stores in multiple locations, panning across large geographical regions requires a lot of effort and effective management skills. Building and engaging with such a large customer base is a tough task. Me-Grow can assist you in maintaining a steady growth trajectory along with the following benefits:

  • Franchise stores can get multiple stores registered under one subscription
  • Get access to centralized data points for an overall overview and strategy requirement
  • Availability of individual store level data points for precise planning & strategizing
  • Opportunity for building, engaging and managing a close-knit relationship with customers at a broad level
  • Custom pricing & features available as per requirements
Franchise businesses can learn their customers' preferences & habits with precise feedback